jeudi 13 mai 2010

Shimoyanagi vs Masui

Bitter defeat for our veteran Shimoyanagi, who gave up 4 runs in two innings, not being able to finish the second one. At least Fighters' starter Masui was KO him too. If his name was spelled Mazui that would explain a lot of things (Japanese-speakers will understand).

Tsuyoshi Shimoyanagi
42 years old
Throws left/Bats left
ERA 3.90
2 V - 3 D

The level of the Pacific League is higher (since pitchers do not bat), but even so I can't understand how a team which is in second place can lose against a team in sixth place with a difference of four points. And playing at home.

Here are the highlights:

There were nice plays anyway: Hirano's defense, Nishimura's pitching, and of curse, Johjima's homerun followed by another one from Brazell in the 4th innig. We even thought that they could win.

Craig Brazell
30 years old
Throws right/Bats left
AVG .318
12 HR

The video of the homeruns, because it's always a delight:

Other game scores:

Giants 9 - Lions 1
Swallows 2 - Buffaloes 9
Baystars 6 - Marines 14
Dragons 3 - Hawks 1
Carp 4 - Eagles 6

Next games will be against Rakuten Golden Eagles:
Saturday 15th at 18:00*
Sunday 16th at 14:00*
Again in Koshien.

*Japanese time.

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