lundi 21 juin 2010

Hanshin versus Hiroshima

The Hiroshima series will start from tomorrow on. There will be only two games this time, played in Yonago Stadium.

Hanshin's starter will be Shimoyanagi. Hiroshima's starter will be Kan Ohtake, or Eric Stults.

ERA 3.46
1 Win
0 Lose
0 Saves
ERA 4.50
3 Wins
3 Loses
0 Saves
ERA 3.06
4 Wins
4 Loses
0 Saves

One out of the four wins of our newlywed veteran was against Hiroshima. Shimoyanagi can beat again the Carp line-up and take the winning ball to his house. Because of yesterday's defeat, the Hanshin Tigers are again 3.5 points behind the Giants (they won 5 - 2 against the Dragons).

Regarding yesterday's game, there are the highlights and nice pictures from Sanspo and Daily Sports.

The game started with the lead-off batter Tori's homerun. Fossum seems to be back in his bad days. Kanemura was demoted to the second team today. Besides yesterday's game, he hasn't played a game since he was promoted to the first team on June 6th.

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