samedi 26 juin 2010

Hanshin's surprising defeat

Hanshin was leading the game 2 - 1 until the 8th inning, and then was surprisingly defeated.

Hanshin's starter was Naoto Tsuru (23 years old). He was promoted to the first team today to integrate the starting rotation, which have been composed by four pitchers since the beginning of the month. He was about to get his second win, but the relief pitcher's failure prevented him from that.

StartersM. IshikawaN. Tsuru
W - L - S2 - 8 - 01 - 1 - 0
Innings6 1/36

Hanshin's batters were inefficient against Ishikawa, who cannot really be called an ace (at least this season). Unfortunately Nishimura (23 years old) was having an off day (two homeruns). Anyway, he is still a talented young pitcher with good future prospects.

So the Tigers did not get their fourth consecutive victory. This season, their longest series of victories is five wins. It was at the end of April - beginning of May: they won two games against the Swallows and three against the Giants.

There is still a game against the Swallows tomorrow. Hanshin's starter will be Casey Fossum (ERA 4.68) and he will face Yoshinori (ERA 4.24) who has lost once against Hanshin.

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