dimanche 26 septembre 2010

Hanshin: Magic number 8.

It may seem strange because they are on second place, but the Tigers have a magic number of 8. They have 9 games left, it will be over for them if they lose one single game... Unless the Dragons lose their last game (it will be on October 2nd).

The Pacific League has a winner: the Softbank Hawks. Two teams are still fighting for the third place, in order to qualify to the Climax Series. The Marines are currently in fourth place, 0.5 games behind the Fighters and still have 3 games left.

Finally, congratulations to Hanshin 2 for winning the Western League. Well done! Unfortunately, we must say good bye to Akihiro Yano, who retires at the age of 41 after a 20-year career. He played in Chunichi, Hanshin and the national team. A big Thanks for everything he has done during the past 12 years in Hanshin.

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