mercredi 22 septembre 2010

Hanshin moving further away from the 1st place.

The Tigers are currently in trouble. For peace of mind, they needed to win four out of the six games this week. There is just only left and Hanshin only won two matches.

Tigers 1 - 0 Giants (Nohmi vs Gonzales)
Tigers 4 - 6 Giants (Messenger vs Fujii)
Tigers 4 - 2 Giants (Akiyama vs Greisinger)
Dragons 3 - 0 Tigers (Chen vs Standridge)
Dragons 1 - 0 Tigers (Yamai vs Kubo)

Chunichi's pitchers are intimidating. The starters Chen and Yoshimi are in the League top 3, regarding the number of wins as well as their ERA. Asao is the relief relief with the greatest number of holds (46), and Iwase the closer with the greatest number of saves (41).

Today's defeat occurred abruptly. The Dragons filled the bases with no outs in the 9th inning. Kubota faced the 5th batter and struck him out. Kyuji replaced him but Brazell failed at throwing to Johjima, enabling the Dragons to score the run.

Hanshin is in third place 1 game behind of the Giants, who are 2.5 games behind of Chunichi. Another pitchers' duel is announced tomorrow: Yoshimi (ERA 3.46, 4.09 vs Hanshin) vs Nohmi (ERA 2.76, 2.08 vs Chunichi).

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