mardi 19 octobre 2010

#1 Takashi Toritani

Name, first name: Toritani Takashi (鳥谷敬)
Number: 1
Position: Infielder (Short Stop)
Date of birth: 26.06.1981
Place of birth: Tokyo
Height/Weight: 180cm/81kg
Blood type: B
Throws/Bats: Right/Left
High School/University: Seibou Gakuen/Waseda
Draft: 2003 (free)
Awards: Best 9 (2008, 2010), MVP of the month (August 2010), Speed up (2010).
Comment: He is the stolid captain of the team. The fans want him to be "funnier" but he did not come to do a one man show. He has undeniable qualities in defense as well as in offense. This season he played the 144 games as short stop, reached 1000 hits, and broke his team record regarding the largest number of monthly hits (43).

2010 stats:


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