dimanche 24 octobre 2010

#25 Takahiro Arai

Name, first name: Arai Takahiro(新井貴浩)
Fans call him: Tsurai (painful)
Number: 25
Position: Infielder (3B, 1B).
Date of birth: 30.01.1977
Place of birth: Hiroshima
Height/Weight: 189cm/94kg
Blood type: B
Throws/Bats: Droite/Droite
High School/University: Hiroshima Kougyo/Komazawa
Draft: 1998 (No. 6)
Former team: Hiroshima Carp (in Hanshin since 2008)
Awards: Homerun King (2005), Best 9 (2005), MVP of the month (June 2005), Golden glove (1B, 2008).
Comment: Arai has been contributing to Hanshin's victories since his arrival. However, the 2009 season was a disaster for him. Because of his uncertain batting and his rough fielding he began to be nicknamed "painful". After becoming the clean-up this years, Arai is picking himself up, slowly but surely. Maybe he will recover the level he had shown with the national team. His favorite hobby: bothering Kanemoto.

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