vendredi 15 octobre 2010

Before the CS

It's almost time. The Climax Series of the Central League will begin tomorrow! The roster has not been published in the official website yet, but the newspapers gave some information:

1. Atsushi Nohmi will face the Giants' ace, Shun Tohno, during the first game.
2. Kanoh was demoted to the second team because of a back pain. The young Hiroki Uemoto (infielder) was promoted in his stead.
3. Arai nearly destroyed Kubo's knee during the training. According to the coaches he is still able to take the plate on Sunday. If there is any trouble, he might be replaced by Akiyama.

The Marines won the first stage of the CS against Seibu Lions. They started the final stage yesterday against Softbank Hawks. By now they have a win (wonderful pitching from Naruse) and a loss.

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