dimanche 3 octobre 2010

Let's go back to Koshien!

Even if the Tigers did not win the League, they still have much to accomplish: to stay in the second place, to win the Climax Series and finally to become Japan's champions. And they deserve it.

Hanshin and Yomiuri are still tied, however the Tigers must end in the second position in order to play the CS at Koshien.

The Tigers won 7 to 2 against the Carp. Today I could not watch the game, but this is what I noticed by looking at the score:

1. Toritani played as the lead-off again, and hit a HR in the first inning.

2. Apparently Kyuji recovered from the drama: he closed the game and struck the 3 batters out.

3. The safe bets are back. Standridge pitched during 7 innings and gave up only one run. Kanemoto hit a homerun.

4. Watanabe has a checkered career! He is amongst the most reliable relief pitchers, but he currently seems to be in a bad phase. He pitched during 0/3 innings and gave up a run before being replaced by Kubota.

Lastly, congratulations to Lotte 2 for becoming Japan's champions in the Farm teams' tournament. Hanshin 2 ended in second position.

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  1. j ai vu le final de kyuji...trois a la suite, ca n a pas traine,ca faisait meme longtemps que je ne l avais pas vu comme ca. etait ce l'absence de pression? on verra bien quand les climax series commenceront. pour l instant faut rester devant les Giants, tigers pride!