samedi 26 février 2011

First game, vs Orix Buffaloes

Game lost 1 to 0. A complete different score from the 11 to 1 victory of last year.

However, the rookie Daiki Enokida (draft no.1) performed well: 3IP - 1H - 3SO - 0BB - 0R.
By seeing the stats we can think "not bad", but is even better to see the video. He looks very confident and doesn't lose time between each pitch.

Kanoh was among the starting members, as LF and 9th batter. His outcome was a hit and a fly. The other hits were from Shunsuke, Murton and Sekimoto.

By the way, I was pleased to see Shunsuke as lead-off and CF. Like a "second" Akahoshi.

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