dimanche 13 février 2011

Practice games

Our young Tigers lost 5 to 0 against the Swallows in Ginoza. The score has not been updated in the official site, but as we can see in the highlights video, Shoh and Tsutsui were the ones who gave up runs. The rookie Daiki Enokida (draft no.1 of 2010) took the mound during the game.

The line-up:

1. Shunsuke (LF)
2. Yamato (SS)
3. Saka (CF)
4. Lin (DH)
5. Asai (RF)
6. Morita (1B)
7. M. Nohara (3B)
8. Komiyama (C)
9. Uemoto (2B)

Pitchers: Kojima, Enokida, Shoh, Tsutsui, Fujihara, Cheng.

From left to right: Tsuru, Fujihara, Enokida.
Photo: (c) Yahoo Sports.

Hanshin 2 also had a practice game in Aki, against the SK Wyverns, a professional team from South Korea. The young pitcher Ryuji Wakatake made a strong impression by pitching during 3 innings and a 1/3 without any hit and BB.

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