vendredi 29 juillet 2011

The Tigers so far

As the second half of the season has just begun, let's have a look of our players' statistics. Which means lots and lots of numbers, sorry...

First of all, the standings. The Tigers are in second position at 7.5 behind the Swallows and 0.5 before the Dragons. The Giants are in 4th position (they could have made the effort to remain in 5th place...)

General stats:

AVG: .254, the best of the League.
ERA: 2.87, among the top 3, but they can do better.

Individual stats:

Unsurprisingly, Murton has the best AVG of the League, .319. Besides him, Hanshin's best batters are Brazell .286, Hirano .285 and Tori .281. Regarding the RBI, Arai (big brother Takahiro) is at the top of the League with 46.

This season we have no players pretending for the title of Homerun King. The League leader is Balentien from the Swallows with 19 HR. We won't find a Hanshin player until the 9th position: Arai with 9 HR. Other homeruns by Hanshin: Brazell and Murton have 7, Kanemoto and Johjima 5, Tori 3, Uemoto and Fujii 2.

On the other hand Tori is 2nd of the league regarding base stealing (10). The League leader Fujimura from the Giants has 11. Our captain is also 2nd in on-base percentage with .373.

Now, regarding the pitchers' number of wins, Standridge is in the top 3 with 8 wins. He has also the best ERA among our starters which is 1.87. The current League leader is (of curse) Utsumi from the Giants with 10 wins and 1.50.

Kyuji is the second best closer with 20 saves, 4 less than Sarfate from Hiroshima. And also a special mention to our rookie Enokida, who has become a wonderful "relief ace" with 19 holds, at the 3rd place of the League!

And finally the last ranking concerns the number of strike outs. Since good habits must be cultivated, Nohmi is in second place with 99 K, behind Maeda from Hiroshima, 103 K.

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