mardi 9 août 2011

4 wins in a row!

Finally! We are 4 games behind the Swallows!

After 3 wins against the League leaders, i.e. the Swallows, our ace did a wonderful win over the Dragons today.

Just in case, those were the scores:

Tigers 2 - 1 Swallows
W. Kubo
S. Fujikawa

Tigers 6 - 1 Swallows
W. Messenger

Tigers 5 - 2 Swallows
W. Watanabe
S. Fujikawa
HR: Arai

Dragons 0 - 1 Tigers
W. Nohmi
S. Fujikawa

The two losses against the Giants were a real shock: no one would have thought that Standridge and Iwata could lose. Moreover, Kobahiro and Fujikawa gave up home runs. That's why it's we are so glad to see Messenger pitch an entire game, and Nohmi's magnificent pitching today. He only gave up one hit, and he was the one who scored the run! Nohmi also did 13 K today, which makes him the League leader regarding the number of strike outs (120 K). But pay attention to his rival Kenta Maeda from Hiroshima (107 K), who is going to pitch tomorrow.
On a different matter, it's nice to see Mayumi trsuting more and more the young players: Shibata, Shunsuke, Morita... And o curse Uemoto, who has beeb among the starting members since some days. Looking at his stats, there is no doubt he deserves it: AVG .313 and 7 stolen bases.

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