mardi 25 octobre 2011

NPB Draft 2011

The NPB draft will take place on Thursday at 4:53 p.m. (Japanese time) on TBS channel. 


 - The draft n°1. Each team chooses a player. If many teams want the same, a draw is made. The teams who lost the draw choose another player. If the same player again requested by several teams, another draw is held. And so on until each team has acquired a player. 

 - The other drafts. The teams choose a player each turn. The order changes every year. I think that each team can take up to 10 players (tell me if I'm wrong), but the teams can stop before if they wish. 

 * The nominates for the draft are players from high schools, universities and semi-professional teams. 

 This years the Tigers are the only ones who chose the outfielder Hayata Ito (from Keio University) as draft n°1. There will be a draw for the pitcher Takahiro Fujioka from Toyo University, chosen by the Baystars and all the Pacific League teams excepting the Hawks. There will also be a draw between the Dragons and the Swallows, who have chosen the infielder Shuhei Takahashi from Tokai University. 

 According to Sanspo, the batting coach Wada has become the new manager of the Tigers (so he will do the draft). However, nothing has been published yet on the official website...

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