mardi 18 octobre 2011

Who will be the new manager of the Hanshin Tigers?

As some of you already know, the Tigers can no longer qualify for the Climax Series since they lost 2 - 0 to the Carp on Staurday (the game was called because of the rain).

This led to Mayumi's resignation. According to newspapers, there are two candidates to be the next manager: Yutaka Wada (age 49), the current batting coach of Hanshin 1, and Masataka Nashida (age 58), currently manager of the Fighters (standing 2nd of the Pacific League). According to the Daily Sports, the owner of the Yomiuri Group, Tsuneo Watanabe (Nabetsune for short), suggested the current manager of the Dragons, Hiromistu Ochiai (age 57).

I would like a manager with the Hoshino-style, that is to say energetic, lively, someone that doesn't stay quietly on the back of the dugout and that rushes the players when it's necessary (even if he scares them). I like coach Wada. But I also think that a manager coming from another team will bring new ideas and methods, and that's a good thing.

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