vendredi 27 janvier 2012

Arai is selected for the national team!

The Japan National Baseball Team (Samurai Japan) will play a match against Taiwan to support aid for earthquake victims in Japan, on March 10th at Tokyo Dome. The match is supported by Konami.

The manager of the National team is Koji Akiyama, manager of the Softbank Hawks, the current champions of Japan. Arai, who is also the Captain of the Japan Professional Baseball Players, is among the selected players.

Akiyama and Arai
Photo: (c) Nikkan Sports

Selected players:

Pitchers: Saito (Fighters), Hirano (Buffaloes), Tanaka (Eagles), Yoshimi (Dragons), Asao (Dragons), Ishikawa (Swallows), Sawamura (Giants), Utsumi (Giants).

Catchers: Hosokawa (Hawks), Sumitani (Lions), Shima (Eagles).

Infielders: Honda (Hawks), Nakajima (Lions), Nakamura (Lions), Sakamoto (Giants), Arai (Tigers), Kurihara (Carp), Watanabe (Baystars).

Outfielders: Uchikawa (Hawks), Nakata (Fighters) Itoi (Fighters), Sakaguchi (Buffaloes), Okada (Marines),  Chono (Giants).

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