mercredi 11 avril 2012

Arai hits 2 homeruns in a row

The Tigers win their second game against the Carp, 4 to 1.
Our great clean-up Arai hit 2 two-run homeruns in a row! Well done!
(See here the first one and the second one).
Also, congratulations to Kyuji for his 200th save!

Now the Tigers are ranking first! The season has just begun, but this is good news anyway.

Yesterday the Tigers won 10 to 2. Looks like our Tigers had big fun hitting 15 hits, and Tori even hit his first homerun this season.

Unfortunately, Fujii was hit by a 130km/h shootball right below his left eye when he was ready to bunt, so he couldn't dodge. We hope he'll recover soon... But since Okazaki is now here to replace him, I hope that Wada will give him a chance. Cheers to both of them!

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