dimanche 30 décembre 2012

Hanshin's 2012 Top 20 News

According to the Nikkan Sports, these are the news that got the more attention from the Hanshin-fans this year:

1. Hanshin winning the right to sign Fujinami

2. Kanemoto's retirement

3. Toritani staying with the Tigers

4. The uproar about Murton (when he said he didn't like Nohmi and stuff...)

5. The stormy shareholder meeting

6. Johjima's retirement

7. Fujinami receiving the highest salary for a first provisional contract

8. Hanshin end up in 5th place for the first time since 2001

9. Hayata's first homerun being a grand slam

10. Hanshin signed Nishioka

11. Fujikawa going to the Cubs

12. Murton's quarrel with coach Sekikawa during a game against Yakult

13. Fans raging against Hanshin's owner Sakai

14. Nakamura's appointment as general manager

15. Hifumi switching from pitcher to outfielder

15. Andoh crying after his first win in almost 2 years

17. Iwamoto's first win and first time as a starter for the first string team

17. Hirano becoming free agent

19. The Arai brothers hitting consecutive homeruns. It was the first time in the Central League that two brothers hit consecutive homeruns.

20. The fake event.

20. Kobayashi, Shoh, Nohara, and other players being released

20. Nohmi winning the strikeout title after striking out two batters in the 1st inning of the season's last game

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