lundi 1 février 2010


... to Okinawa!
That is what I would like to say, but unfortunately I am not in Okinawa. The lucky ones who are there now, are the Hanshin Tigers.
So, just welcome to my blog, I hope that you will find it entertaining if you like the Tigers. And if you don't... Well, I hope you'll start liking them soon.

The spring camp started today. This year all my favorite players are among the 40 players who were able to attend the camp in Okinawa. The rest of team went to Aki, like every year.

I'm impatient to see what kind of training Mayumi and the coaches prepared, and also the friendly game against the Fighters. Specially because Nohmi is probably going to pitch (though it is not confirmed yet).

There are many pending questions:

- Will Uezono learn a new pitch (and be able to throw it)?
- Will Kanoh surpass Johjima?
- Will Akahoshi make a good baseball critic?
- Will Iwata shave off, or is he definitely turning into Andoh?

I'm very enthusiastic about this camp!

Like they say, お楽しみます!

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