mercredi 23 juin 2010

Road roller Hanshin

Hiroshima could not find a way to stop the Tigers' line-up. Today was another Hanshin batters' festival, and Standridge pitched well. What is more, the Giants lost 3 - 4 against the Swallows. We are on the right lines.

W - L - S3 - 4 - 03 - 1 - 0

The tireless Murton batted 4 hits out of his 5 at-bat and 3 of them allowed his team to score. Captain Tori is more and more comfortable as lead-off and his outcome was similar: 4 hits in 5 at-bat and 2 RBI. Brazell did not bat his 24th homerun but scored 2 runs instead. Regarding our clean-up Arai, he also had a RBI... A grounder right in front of the 3rd Baseman. Fortunately Toritani was attentive.

Today's highlights:

The reliefs Kubota and Nishimura gave up a run, but without having consequences on Hanshin's victory. Nishimura pitched the 8th inning and did 3 strike outs. If he continues like this he will become like Nohmi. Kyuji Fujikawa was waiting for his turn in the bench, but the one who closed the game was Keiji Uezono. He started his professional career on 2007 and received the title of bast rookie of the Central League. It is a little bit odd to see him coming for the last innings, but it looks like he has the qualities to be a good relief/closer.

Since we are talking about Hanshin's reliefs, this is their ranking according the number of holds, that is to say the number of times they kept their team's lead without giving up more than a run.

4. T. Kubota (12)
12. K. Nishimura (7)
15. R. Watanabe (4)
19. Y. Kawasaki (3)
26. K. Tsutsui (2)

The League top is Takuya Asao from Chunichi Dragons with 21 holds.

No game tomorrow, but only for Hanshin and Hiroshima.

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