vendredi 10 septembre 2010

Hanshin defeated by Yakult.

The Tigers lost at Koshien, 4 to 7 against the Swallows.

The batters have recovered from Yesterday. They hit 11 hits, and the Swallows 14. Hanshin's starter Kubo, our Kuball, was also in good condition: he only gave up a run (a homerun) and he was about to get his 13th win since the Hanshin was winning 2 to 1.

However, for some reason, the pitching coach did not allow him to go back to the mound after the 6th inning, even though he only had 81 throws. Mayumi did not had a good idea when he sent Fukuhara. He was forced to left the mound without having eliminated a single batter. Kubota pitched next and gave up runs (lthe runners were there because of Fukuhara). Watanabe and Sajikihara pitched in the next innings but they also were unable to prevent the Swallows from scoring. It is not the first time that the reliefs pitchers of Hanshin cause problems, but the catcher is probably partly responsible.

Just as always, the Tigers did not give up, and Saka hit his second homerun with the first team in the 9th inning.

The Dragons took the first place (1 - 0 vs. Yokohama). Good luck to the Tigers for the remaining matches. This is the last lap, the tension rises.

And now, since some people has not yet recovered from yesterday's match, there are some pictures:

Hirano back home. From Daily Sports.

Nohmi. From Daily Sports.

Kanemoto's incident. From Daily Sports.

Hiyama has tied. From Sanspo.

Brazell's incident. From Sanspo.

Kyuji and Komiyama. From Nikkan Sports.

Talking about pictures, I recommend the Tiger Photo Blog by Mr.31R, you can also find it in the link section. He takes the pictures himself, and they are as beautiful as the ones of the professionals. Go see it, it is worth a visit!

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