mercredi 8 septembre 2010

Hanshin vs Chunichi: 1 win, 1 loss, and tomorrow...

The match of the Tigers was the only one in the Central League. Because of the typhoon, the others were called off. In the Pacific League they did not have any problems since the games were played in the domes.

Yesterday we saw a real pitchers' duel between Standridge and Chen, Chunichi's ace. Hanshin won with a close score of 1 to 0. The run was driven in by Toritani with a sacrifice fly. Both Standridge and Chen pitched during 7 innings. The Tigers managed to hit 8 hits against the Dragons' ace. Standridge only gave up 4 hits.

Today they were less good against Yamai. Some days ago, this pitcher from Chunichi almost did a perfect game. And today he was in a good condition too. Brazell still managed to hit his 42th homerun. Regarding Hanshin's pitchers, Messenger (expelled from the game after hitting Morino with a wild pitch), Nishimura and Uezono experienced big trouble. On the other hand, Fukuhara and Sajikihara struck all the batters out (the world is upside down).

Tomorrow the game will take place at Koshien, and the announced starter is Nohmi. Remember that he has not played with the first team since the beginning of May, when he was injured. Nohmi often has some difficulties in the first innings. Usually the two first innings are the more crucial. Will he be able to return equilibrium to the Force?

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