vendredi 8 octobre 2010

2nd place! Back to Koshien!

Quick message just to let you know that against all odds, the Giants lost their last game. The Swallows had nothing to gain, however they remained focused and tied in the 9th inning. Finally they won 7 to 4 in the 10th inning. As a consequence Hanshin is back in the second place and therefore will play the Climax Series at home, at the Koshien Stadium.

The CS of the Pacific League will start tomorrow at 1 p.m. (Japan time) at the Seibu Dome. For the fans: the announced starters are Wakui (Seibu) and Naruse (Lotte).

6 commentaires:

  1. I hope your Tigers can whip up on the Giants this series!

  2. Wow, the picture was renewed! I like this Akahoshi's back very much, too.
    Now,I'm very impatient for CS. So,this week feels very lengthily. >_<

  3. >Steve

    Thank you Steve! Looking forward to meet the Marines at the Nippon Series!

  4. >Torattyo

    I'm also impatient to see the games! Looks like the first match will be Nohmi vs... Tohno?

  5. Yes!
    Tigers will be Nohmi ~ Kubo ~ Standridge.
    And Giants will be Tohno ~ Utumi ~ Asai,on sports newspaper.