vendredi 4 février 2011


Manager Mayumi took part in the fielding training of a group of outfielders: Asai, Shibata, Arai (Ryota) et Saka. (There is a video on youtube, for those who want to see).

I think that Asai has more experience than the others, since he has already played some games with the first team. Shibata is still young and Saka has only been playing as infielder. I don't know if Arai has played as outfielder when he was in Chunichi. Anyway, he said that he can be both infielder and outfielder.

It's already been a year since our wonderful center fielder "Red Star" Akahoshi retired due to health problems. Kanemoto "aniki", the lifetime left fielder, is injured since the last season. Regarding the right field, there is no "tenured" player. Generally this position is held by Lin or Sakurai.

Last season Shunsuke's fielding in the center and left field was memorable. He is a genius, but he is still young so I guess he will have to compete again in order to be among the starting members.

Another player is awaited for the outfield: Keisuke Kanoh. He was the tenured catcher in 2009, but he was switched to the outfield in an attempt to fill the void left by Akahoshi and Kanemoto. Apparently it was quite difficult to him as he had never played as outfielder in a professional game, being catcher since 10 years...
To my mind Keisuke is a very talented player: he can hit powerful homeruns as well as steal bases. He has never failed as pinch hitter or pinch runner. He also seems to be a very passionate person, always cheering his teammates with all his might and jumping around holding a ball or a bat.
After recovering from a slipped disc, he was decided to become a catcher again. Head-coach Kido agreed, however Kanoh was registered as outfielder.

So, it seems that there will be changes in the outfield this season.
What do you think?
To me, if aniki is not among the starting members:

LF: Shunsuke
CF: Keisuke (I like him better as a catcher, but now it's obvious that the favorite is Fujii)
RF: Murton

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  1. Piko said.

    I think...

    LF: Murton (Hitting Stuff)
    CF: Shunsuke (Speedy & Utility)
    RF: Asai (0.300 Hitter) Mottainai haha.