mardi 1 février 2011


Hello there!

Today was the first day of the Hanshin Tigers Spring camp, and also the first anniversary of this blog.

During this first day in Okinawa, the media seemed to be focused on Hiro Kobayashi (Kobahiro for the fans), the former pitcher from the Marines who signed with Hanshin some days ago. He entered the bullpen today and threw 25 pitches, all of them were straights. The position he is aiming for is relief pitcher.

For those who speak Japanese, you should check the Tigers Spring camp official page, you can see everyday the training schedule of the players, and there is also a photo gallery. Since it's just the first day I wouldn't like to start badmouthing without any reason, but somehow I have the feeling that the gallery won't be updated very often. I hope that I'm wrong...

And for the fans of the other teams, Sanspo also has a beautiful gallery with the best pictures of each team.

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