mercredi 9 mars 2011

Nohmi: 5 IP - No hits

The Tigers played today their first game of the year in Koshien. Fans were waiting for this match since the manager of the Rakuten Egales was Senichi Hoshino, former manager and Senior Director of Hanshin.

The starting pitcher was Atsushi Nohmi. This was his second open game and he pitched during five innings leaving outstanding results: no hits and four strike outs. The catcher wasn't Fujii but Okazaki. Nohmi knows him very well since they were drafted the same year and have played many games together in the second team.

The relief pitcher Kobahiro entered the game on the 6th inning and didn't give up any hits either. The Tigers were winning 2 to 0 (runs batted in by Brazell and Okazaki after Tori and Hiyama's hits). However, the Eagles managed to hit a homerun against Kyuji in the 7th inning, and then they tied against Fukuhara in the 8th inning.

The three next games will also be played at Koshien. Tomorrow versus the Lions, and this week end the Tigers will face the two most difficult rivals of the League: against the Dragons on Saturday and against the Giants on Sunday.

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