lundi 7 mars 2011

Report of the Open Games until now


The Tigers have played 6 open games until now. They are doing well since they are in first place among the 12 teams, with 4 wins, 1 loss and 1 draw.


1. Hanshin Tigers
2. Softbank Hawks
2. Nippon Ham Fighters
4. Chunichi Dragons
4. Hiroshima Carp
6. Seibu Lions
6. Rakuten Eagles
6. Orix Buffaloes
9. Yomiuri Giants
10. Yokohama Baystars
11. Lotte Marines
12. Yakult Swallows

Our pitchers are pretty good, Hanshin has only 4 earned runs. Besides Hanshin, the other teams with less earned runs are Hiroshima and Rakuten (11), and the one with the most is Chunichi (36). On the other hand, Hanshin is one of the weakest teams as far as batting is concerned. They have scored 15 runs only. Orix has the lowest number of scored runs (11), whereas the other teams have scored between 20 (Yomiuri) and 30 (Chunichi). The Fighters distance themselves from the others with 7 homeruns, while either the Tigers or the Giants haven't scored any.


The pitchers expected to be in the starting rotation (Nohmi, Kubo, Iwata, Standridge) all pitched well, even if Standridge was one of the few pitchers that gave up a run. Messenger played as starter for the first time (during last season he used to play as a relief) and also gave a good impression. The young Enokida and Wakatake were as good as they were during the practice games. Enokida gave up a run, but in his team he is the one with the largest number of SO, followed by Kubo and Wakatake. We also could see two of the new trio of relief pitchers "Triple K": Kobahiro and Kyuji. Both pitched during one inning. Each of them did a strike out, however both of them gave up a BB and Kyuji even gave up a hit. Hopefully we'll see them soon again, and with the third member of the trio, Kubota.


Just were is the "dynamite line-up" gone? Brazell and Lin are still the same, but Hirano, Tori and Murton are shadows of the former selves. Hirano has only one hit, that he hit during the 5th match (vs Yokohama), when we were starting to worry about him. Murton played 3 times as 6th batter, once as 5th batter and once as 4th, but he didn't hit many hits, only 2. Tori's batting average is .235, but he obtained it with great pain since he has as many hits as strike outs. Arai, our "official" clean-up, has a batting average of .091. By the way, his young brother Ryota's one is the same. The new catcher Fujii is quite good with the pitchers but he has still no hits. Kanoh is a catcher who can hit... Oh yeah, I forgot about it. The coaches doesn't want him anymore as a catcher, due to mysterious reasons...
Anyway, it seems that Shunsuke will be the tenured center fielder. He has been playing every game, and was four times among the starting members as the lead-off. He has the more at-bats and the largest number of hits in his team. His AVG is: .368.

Hanshin is still a winning team. The pitchers just have to keep going. And we have good batters. Very good ones. Now they are somehow "unsettled", but I'm sure they will fix it. There are 12 open games left until the season begins, on March 25th.

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