jeudi 8 septembre 2011

Hanshin Tigers sweep away Hiroshima

Three consecutive wins against the Carp!

Tuesday 6th: Tigers 2 - 1 Carp
Winning pitcher: Messenger
Save: Fujikawa

Wednesday 7th: Tigers 5 - 1 Carp
Winning pitcher: Fukuhara 
(The starter was Standridge)

Thursday 8th: Tigers 9 - 3 Carp
Winning pitcher: Nohmi
Homerun: Sekimoto (3 run)

Today's game was really exciting. There are some days when Nohmi is quite messy during the first innings, and today was one of those. So the Carp scored during the first inning, but Hanshin's counter-attack was furious. Nohmi advanced the runners to 3rd and 2nd with a sacrifice bunt, then the Tigers scored 7 runs in this inning: Hirano, Shunsuke, Arai (!), Murton... And finally Sekimoto's 3-run homerun. Nohmi struck 8 batters, and his change-ups were as dreadful as always. He was also perfect at bat: one hit to the right field and then he rushed to the home plate from the first base!

Today's heroes were Hirano thanks to his 2 RBI, and Seki of curse. But the young Tigers also played a great part in the victory. Shunsuke was among the starting member as 2nd batter/CF, Shibata hit, Morita batted a run in, and Nishimura was totally at ease as a closer.

So here we are one more time at the second position, 4 games behind the Swallows (is it just me or do I say the same thing every week?). The Tigers will be at the Swallows' stronghold from tomorrow on. Let's sweep them too!

Win or Lose Tigers Pride!

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