mardi 11 octobre 2011

Tigers vs Giants, last series

These are our last games against the Giants. Thanks to yesterday's won 6 to 3,  the Tigers were 2 games behind the Giants, but today we lost again in the 9th inning. The Giants tied twice, and once more the manager didn't change the starter when it was necessary.

Messenger gave up 4 hits in the 8th inning, whereas he had given up 5 in the 7 previous innings. Mayumi could have replaced him in the 7th inning, juste before his at-bat. Sekimoto was ready as pinch hitter, but since there were already two outs, Mayumi decided that it was useless to send a pinch hitter. Maybe Muyumi wanted Messenger to get one more win (since the score was 3 to 3, if he had left the mound he wouldn't have got the win). Messenger has 12 wins, and it is the largest number in his team. But even if the 8th inning was quite harsh, he came back to the mound on the 9th inning. Messenger was in trouble from the beginning  but Mayumi finally sent Kyuji only when they got a runner on second. Despite of that, the next batter hit a double and the Giants won the game.

Oh and, I almost forgot to mention that Shunsuke did an impressive throw to the home plate. Shunsuke is great!

The announced pitchers for tomorrow are Iwata and Utsumi. Looks like we're going to have another pitching duel.

Win or Lose Tigers Pride.

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