vendredi 4 novembre 2011

Aki Camp 2011, News.

Here is my firts press review about the Aki camp. 

The new manager Yutaka Wada and the batting coach Kataoka have prepared a "special menu" for Shunsuke: 4 hours of batting practice. And he did a total of 884 swings!

On the same time, coach Sekikawa focused on the young Tigers' swing speed. He said to Sanspo that he used to do it in Rakuten, the team he trained before, and that the fastest swing was around 150 km/h. So that's the speed our young Tigers should aim for. The Daily Sports published the records of some players: Kurose: 139 km/h, Morita: 130 km/h, Shimizu and Nakatani: 129 km/h, Shibata: 128 km/h, K.Fujii: 124 km/h.

Regarding the pitchers, coach Yabu initiated the young pitcher Akiyama to a new motion, in order to increase the speed of his pitches (he will probably reach 150 km/h). When asked about the changes he intends to to Akiyama's motion, the coach Yabu declared: "He will start using his lower body. Now his pitching speed is about 140 km/h, but it's only because of his arm strength". 

All the articles I have read say that Wada imposed his own style since the first day, adapting the training to the special needs of each player.

Manager Wada and Shunsuke. 
Photo: (c) Nikkan Sports

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