mercredi 29 février 2012

End of the Okinawa camp 2012

Today was the last day of the Tigers camp in Okinawa. They should be sad to leave this beautiful island with warm and nice weather, but I'm sure they are also happy to go back to their Koshien.

The Tigers played their last practice game against the Baytars (6 to 6). The starter was Enokida. Last year he was the best relief pitcher of the Tigers, despite being still a rookie. Sadly he allowed 4 runs in the first inning. But fortunately, Arai set the mood back hitting a homerun in the second inning (gotta like this way to say hello).

In March the Tigers will play 17 open games. The next one will be against the Buffaloes in Aki, on Saturday 3rd.

I'm looking forward to see this year's line-up. Hope there will be young players among the starting members, like Hayata. He had a difficult start but then he proved to be a very good player. We don't know either if Arai will really stay as the clean-up, and if Tori is definitely back as the lead-off (he said he was fine at any place in the line-up... I can totally see him saying that with that inexpressive look of his). And this year again we are unsure about who will be the starting catcher.

There is not as much suspense regarding the starting rotation. It will certainly be composed by Nohmi, Iwata, Messenger and Standridge. It seems that Kubo will play relief this year, so there are two places left. Enokida, Tsuru and Kobahiro weren't that good recently, but they will have one more chance during the open games. Oh, and we haven't seen Andoh yet... (Make sure to take plenty of coffee when he'll take the plate).

Let's finish with music! Since the camp is over, let's listen one more time to the Tigers camp theme song: Change the World.

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