lundi 6 février 2012

Okinawa camp - Day 6: day off

This was the first day off for rookies Hayata Itoh and Kazuo Itoh. And they went to see dolphins!

You can watch the video on NHK website, here.

The two rookies are asked on their opinion about Dragons' draft n°1 Shuhei Takahashi (17 years old).
Kazuo: "His face, and even the atmosphere surrounding him make him look older than me..."
Hayata: "He is big, and his body must be well built" (Takahashi is 1.80m tall and weights 85kg).

Their comments at the end of the day:
Hayata: "I give all what I have got everyday, so I'm glad I could take my mind off things. it's exhausting, but now I know how much effort it will take from now on".
Kazuo: "This first week was mentally exhausting, and we'll soon start to play games. I want to stand out starting from tomorrow".

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