samedi 25 février 2012

Open game: Swallows 3 - 2 Tigers

Tigers: 8 hits, 2 runs.
Swallows: 7 hits, 3 runs.

Just as usual, they manage to lose with more hits than the other team.

Tigers starter Naoto Tsuru gave up a two-run homerun.

However it was nice to see Tori back as lead-off. He had one hit, a very Toritani-like hit right to the center field, and a base on balls. During the season, he uses to get a lot of BBs. As expected, birds of prey have good eyes. (Non-Japanese speakers may not get the pun: tori means bird).

It was also great to see Shunsuke in the center field, and he also did a hit to the right field (he's a genius).

Arai played as clean-up. He had a fly ball and a hit (that's the usual him). On the other hand, his younger brother Ryota remained hit-less.

Brazell and Johjima produced the runs. Brazell was playing left fielder since Morita and then Johjima played first-baseman. 

Erratum: In the precedent post I wrote that the Tigers won 9 to 1 to the Buffaloes. The correct score is 18 to 1. 

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