jeudi 23 février 2012

Practice games and Open games

The young Tigers began their first games by a winning streak:

8 - 5 vs Fighters
2 - 6 vs Carp
18 - 1 vs Buffaloes

Nevertheless, despite the full members were also playing, the Tigers lost their first open game to the Giants 1 to 0.

The young pitcher Kojima allowed the run, but he wasn't that bad considering that Sakomoto and Abe remained hit-less. Only Chono was troublesome (he of all people...). On the other hand, Tsuru who is one of the candidates for the starting rotation, had 1 K, 1 H and 1 BB in 3 IP.

The line-up was somehow disappointing. Tigers only had 3 hits: Hirano, Yamato and Johjima. However, Hirano and Johjima got strike out. Tori, aniki and Sekimoto were also hit-less. The batters were unlucky in the 9th inning since the Giants send their god of lightning Ochi to close the game. Well, Asai has no excuses but Tagami and Morita are still young and probably had never faced Ochi before.

The Tigers lost again some days later, 2 to 1 to the Eagles during a practice game. This time the starter was the experienced Kobahiro. Since he wasn't good enough as relief pitcher, this season he wants to be part of the starting rotation. But he gave up 2 runs in 3 innings pitched. "My straights were ok, I just lacked control in my breaking pitches. It's just a matter of finishing touches", he said to the Nikkan Sports.

Today the Tigers played within themselves, and Hayata hit a triple against Nohmi. Looks like the younger players are on a roll. Nohmi reasserted to the Nikkan Sports: "My sliders were a little scattered today, but it wasn't that bad for a first game".

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