jeudi 8 mars 2012

Preliminary announcement of the CL starters

The Central League decided to officially announce who the starters will be, in order to increase the number of spectators in the ballparks.

Before, some websites like Yahoo Sports, used to announce who were the "expected starters" considering various information such as when the last time they pitched was. But those announcements weren't official, and some times not accurate. The CL noticed that the number of spectators was decreasing, so they decided to implement this new system.

At first Hanshin's leaders did not take position, but now they have agreed along with the 5 other Central League teams. "I think it is worth trying it if the other teams regard it as fan service" - said Hanshin Tigers president Mr. Minami.

What do you think? Will this new measure really increase the number of spectators? 
For the ones of us who are not in Japan it will have no incidence, though.
Don't you think it's also funny to guess who will be the starter?

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