jeudi 5 avril 2012

First games. 2012 season.

Scores of the first series:

vs Baystars:
5 - 5 Draw
3 - 2 Win
6 - 2 Loss

vs Swallows
First game rained out
5 - 5 Draw
3 - 1 Win

First of all I'm glad to see that our batters can tie whenever they want, regardless of how many runs behind they are. During the open games they weren't hitting that much so many of us were worried, but they proved that after all, there is nothing to worry about. The second game against the Swallows was a draw, but we can see it as a win considering they were losing 5 to 0.

On the other hand I'm a little concerned about Kyuji. I'm not saying he is a problem. But the Baystars managed to tie against him, and today the Swallows 7-hole batter hit a homerun against him. I think that maybe he doesn't look so reliable as a closer (but I cheer for him anyway!).

Until now I like what new manager Wada has been doing. Such as the squeez plays he asked for, and everything went good. Also he gives the instructions he thinks are best even if it's something the players are not used to do, for instance he make Tori bunt in his last at-bat the day he was struck out four times in a row.

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  1. j ai essaye de te croiser 2 fois sur "le chan ou on se voyait" pour te dire que je suis a osaka en ce moment. nohmi a bien assure ce soir, a bientot j espere ;)

  2. Cool! Profites-en bien! :D
    Oui, j'espère qu'on se croisera bientôt^^