vendredi 6 avril 2012

Nohmi throws complete game shutout

First game at Koshien and our ace won his first game, 3 to 0 against the Giants, throwing a complete game shutout.

The battery did really a good job. Our ace Nohmi and the young catcher Komiyama have a great affinity.
Nohmi only allowed two hits and had 10 strike outs. Now he is first in the strike out ranking. Komiyama's fielding was good. He even managed to do a double play, when he threw the ball to second base just after a strike out by Nohmi, and caught runner stealing the base. By the way, we are lucky to have super Toritani as short stop.

Hirano batted in the Tigers first run. Glad to see the young players are hitting as well. Shibata had two hits, Komiyama's squeez play was awesome, and Yamato had an RBI.

I like more and more the manager Wada. He is always concerned by his players. When Nohmi reached 119 pitches in the 9th inning, Wada went to the mound himself and talked to Nohmi, probably to make sure that everything was fine. 

Nohmi, next time aim for a perfect game, ok?

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