mercredi 20 mars 2013

Tori & Nohmi back in Japan

Toritani and Nohmi arrived to Narita Airport yesterday.

Tori said he was resting today, and he will begin to train at Koshien starting from tomorrow, and he might play on Friday. The head coach Kuroda say he was planning to use him as a DH during the last three exhibition games (against the Orix Buffaloes this week end).

The coaches have decided that Nohmi won't be pitching the opening game in order to preserve his physical condition. He'll probably pitch against the Dragons on April 2nd.

Nohmi and Toritani © Daily Sports

When asked about his best memory of the WBC, Tori answered: "When I scored on Ibata's hit, on the 9th inning of the game against Chinese Taipei".

That's funny because to my mind, the best moment of Tori during this WBC was when he stole the second base just before Ibata's hit. He probably couldn't have scored if he wasn't on second base. There was an interview of Koichi Ogata, the first base coach. He said that Tori decided to steal on his own, and that it takes a lot of courage to make that decision in such a situation (9th inning, 2 outs). He added that they won that game thanks to Toritani's courage. "He is a good player".


As for my favorite moments of Nohmi... Of course every single inning he pitched well!

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