dimanche 5 septembre 2010

Hanshin's young talents.

Mission accomplished for the Tigers. They won the game 11 to 5 against Hiroshima, and the young pitcher Akiyama got his second win.

The 19-year-old rookie managed to keep the score 7 to 0 until the 7th inning. However, he was replaced by Kubota after Hirose batted a three-run homerun. Kubota also gave up a two-run homerun.

Hirano was unable to play because of yesterday's dead ball. As a consequence, Shunsuke Fujikawa (23 years old) was promoted second batter. His outcome was: 2 hits and 2 RBI.

Yesterday Saka brightly replaced Hirano. Today's was the turn of Hiroki Uemoto (24 years old) to try out. Of curse, he still have to improve his defense. We must say that Hirano set the bar very high. On the other hand, his batting was perfect: 3 hits and 1 RBI. His base running is spectacular and he has an elegant way to back to home.

It was a good match for Hanshin's young talented players, and also for the rest of the team. The Tigers got their good habits back: 20 hits and 11 runs. Even the pitchers Akiyama and Kyuji Fujikawa batted a hit. Toritani batted 4, probably motivated by the good results of his kohai*.

This series against Hiroshima was marked by the dead balls: Hirano, Murton, and Johjima were struck, and Kanemoto had to leave today's game after being struck by a dead ball on the fingers.

Hanshin will play against the Dragons on Monday (actually is on Tuesday, sorry mea culpa). They won their three games against the Giants. This will be the next to last series against Chunichi. The next matches are shaping up to be exiting ones.

* In Japanese, a kohai is someone younger than you and joined your "group" after you. The "group" maybe the school, a company, a baseball club... Uemoto is younger than Toritani and just like him he graduated from Waseda, a prestigious university in Tokyo. Therefore Tori is his senpai and must help him if need be.

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  1. Hi! This is TORATTYO of justin TV. ノ
    I found the URL of here, I had a look at it.
    I tried it in English this time.When there was a wrong sentence......I'm sorry.(-_-;)

    Today's match had few marks, but it was the jam-packed match of contents.I can be said that "very tired" comfortably, because we were able to win.
    It seems to be very likely that the tomorrow's match is called off for a typhoon.(>_<)
    Because I am anxious about an injury, I do not want them to play a game by bad weather.

    Apart from that, I was surprised at the substantiality of blog contents of Toramania.
    When people having interest for HANSHIN Tigers(baseball) increase through Toramania, I am glad.

    Thank you for reading to here.
    I pray for victory of Hanshin in after tomorrow too, Good-bye! ノ

  2. Hi Torattyo, thank you for your message!
    And thank you for taking the trouble to write in English.

    Of curse, I'll be disappointed if the game is canceled because of the typhoon, but it's better to call it off so the players do not get hurt. You too take care please.

    I'll be very glad if even a few people become Hanshin-fans thanks to this blog. Next season I'll try to write also in Japanese...

    See you!ノシ