samedi 18 septembre 2010

Nohmi's 4th win.

This week will probably be a difficult one for Hanshin. The series against Yomiuri began today and the next one will be against Chunichi.

We can say that the Tigers have gotten off to a good start, winning 1 - 0 against the Giants. Our left-handed ace, Atsushi Nohmi won his 4th victory (0 losses).

The game was won thanks to our two veterans, Tomoaki Kanemoto (42 years old) and Shinjiro Hiyama (41 years old). Since some days ago, Kanemoto is no longer among the starting members. He played as PH in the 7th inning, replacing Wei-Chu Lin who had no hits. Aniki hit q double and was replaced by Hiroki Uemoto. Minutes later, Hiyama (also a PH) drove in the run that gave Hanshin the victory.

The Tigers were also in scoring position in the 6th inning. With Hirano on the third base and Tori on first, the Giants' starter Gonzalez did not know which way to turn and ended up giving a BB to Arai. The next batter was Brazell, the current Homerun King of the League, however his at-bat ended by a double play.

The Giants' pitcher was at the same level as Nohmi. Both of them gave up 6 hits, Gonzalez did 5 K and Nohmi 6. Arai, Brazell, Johjima, Lin were not able to bat a single hit. Even Hirano failed at all his bunts. Murton did as well as always hitting 3 hits. Toritani hit 2 and Shunsuke 1.

Nohmi did less strike outs than last time, but he handled better the two first innings that are usually disastrous for him. He gave up only 2 BB, one in the 1st inning, 1 in the second.

Incidentally, he pitched as relief las Wednesday. At first, there was a big commotion among the fans, but on second thought it was not a bad idea. I do not know his training program, but as he pitched on Friday of the last week his pitching practice should have been on Wednesday. Therefore he was going to pitch anyway. Of curse, pitching during a match is more tiring and stressful. However, there were no games last Friday, so he had two day to rest his arm instead of one. Besides, performing well on Wednesday (two stike outs out of three batters, faster throw: 151 km/h) did not prevent him from winning his 4th victory today.

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