jeudi 17 février 2011

Scores of the practice games

Hanshin 1 vs Nippon Ham Fighters (February 16th).

Draw: 2 - 2.
Hirano and Toritani were among the starting members this time.
The line-up was a bit different of the one announced the day before:

1. Shunsuke (LF)
2. Hirano (2B)
3. Tori (SS)
4. Lin (DH)
5. R. Arai (1B)
6. Saka (CF)
7. M. Nohara (3B)
8. Okazaki (C)
9. Shibata (RF)

Pitchers: Tsuru, Cheng, Shoh, Kawasaki, Tsutsui.
Changes: Uemoto replaced Hirano as 2B, Yamato replaced Tori as SS, Asai replaced Lin as 2B, Morita entered as 1B, so Ryota replaced Nohara in the 3rd base and Komiyama replaced Okazaki.

Tsuru was quite good as starter (like last season). He pitched during 3 innings without giving up neither runs nor base on balls. If he plays as well in the open games, he will certainly be part of the starting rotation.

Head-coach Kido was angry against the young Tigers. Not because of the score but because of their attitude. He said that they still have to learn the habits that their experienced teammates have. For instance, just after they finished to unload the equipment from the bus, Hirano and Tori immediately went to warm-up, unlike the younger players.

Hanshin 2 vs Kochi Fighting Dogs (February 15th).

Victory: 6 - 1.
Kanoh started as left fielder and 4th batter, but he was (finally!) allowed to play as catcher during the 6th. According to what he said, he was able to play in this position as usual.

Hanshin 2 vs Seibu Lions (February 16th).

Draw: 5 - 5.
The only disappointment was the homerun gave up by Akiyama in the 6th inning. Anyway, practice games are good to check what you are doing wrong. Akiyama is currently training with the second team instead of the first one, simply because there have already been many pitchers that "level down" on their second year as professionals despite of having a very good first season. Since the beginning of the training camp, pitching coach Nakanishi has been correcting Akiyama's motion. I'm sure that when the open games will begin, he will be even better than last year.

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