mercredi 28 septembre 2011

"How to lose a game in one lesson" by Mayumi

Just now we should have been celebrating the come back of our prodigious starter, Takumi Akiyama (20 years old), and Arai's 250th career homerun. But instead of it we are worried because there are only 24 games left, and the two recent defeats against the Swallows do not bode well.

Akiyama's pitching was good and he seemed to enjoy a lot being on the mound. It was very pleasant to see him pitching. Besides a single error, fielding was also great. Tori did a spectacular diving catch, Arai sewed the hole on his glove, and Brazell, after dropping the ball, managed to throw it to Akiyama on first base just in time despite of Aoki's head slide. The Tigers had again 11 hits (not quite sure but I think it's their average of hits in a game), whereas the Swallows only hit 6... And yet they lost 8 to 5.

We lose most of the games mostly because of Mayumi's indiscriminate pitcher changes. Akiyama gave up a homerun, but the Swallows scored 4 more runs just after Mayumi changed the pitcher. The young relief pitcher Fujihara couldn't stop the flow.

Anyway, our players are great and we can be proud of them! Congratulations to Arai for his 250th homerun! You are a very cool clean-up!

Win or Lose Tigers Pride.

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