dimanche 9 octobre 2011

We can make it to the Climax Series!

Good week for the Hanshin Tigers: first they swept the Swallows, and then they also had a good series against the Baystars, even if they lost (again) a game that they could have won. We also had two great pitching duels: Nohmi vs Tateyama from the Swallows (win 3 to 0), and Iwata vs Miura from the Baystars (shutout win 4 to 0). Our line-up also had a great time during the two other games against the Swallows, specially Brazell who hit a homerun during the first game (win 9 to 3), and he hit a solo and a 3 run during the last one (win 7 to 1). Also, during the game lost against the Baystars, Tigers were winning until the 9th inning, but it seems that Kyuji, our closer, collapsed.

Since the Tigers swept the Swallows, the league leaders are now the Dragons. The Tigers are at 8.5 games behind them, and 3 games behind the Giants in third position. Since the Tigers have still 14 games to play and the Giants only 7, it's still possible to qualify for the Climax Series. The League Victory, on the other hand, will be more difficult to achieve but the Tigers have not given up yet.

On a totally different matter, Hanshin has designated for assignment some players: T. Shimoyanagi (age 43), pitcher ; N. Sugiyama (age 30), pitcher ; M. Sajikihara (age 29), pitcher ; K. Abe (age 27), pitcher ; I. Katsuragi (age 34), outfielder ; K. Sakurai (age 28), outfielder. As well as two players from the developmental squad: S. Takada (age 26), pitcher and S. Tanaka (age 26), infielder. According to Sanspo, Sakurai couldn't recover from an injury on the right shoulder. It's a shame that we are going to lose Sakurai and Katsuragi, they were very good players and made a good impression on the fans.

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