jeudi 2 février 2012

Okinawa camp - Day 2

Nohmi started his pitching practice by throwing only straight pitches. "That's the first stage. I'll start throwing breaking pitches when I'll feel confident with my straight pitches". Before the camp, he practiced throwing inside pitches against right-handed batters, to determine the release point of the ball. Today he also threw outside pitches.

Former Seattle Mariners player Katsuhiro Sasaki came to teach Kyuji and the others how to throw his famous pitch: the forkball. Hanshin Tigers closer Kyuji Fujikawa (who had the largest number of saves in the Central League last season) was grateful: "He is a real reference to me. I want to make use of what I've learnt today".
Kyuji is also very concerned about being the pitchers' captain. During the infield training he was very enthusiastic, cheering for his teammates. He even has the word "bonds" embroidered on his glove, meaning of curse the bonds he has with his teammates. "The coaches can't see everything. I want to be a support for the other pitchers", he said.

Rookie Hayata Itoh showed his true strength during batting practice. He made a strong impression on Chunichi's scorer, who was there observing the players. "He is no ordinary rookie", he said to a reporter from Sanspo.

Go for the top, Tigers!

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