vendredi 3 février 2012

Okinawa camp - Day 3

Today the Tigers played in positions they are not used to. Pitchers were fielders, and fielders were pitchers. After this unusual practice, Seki wrote on his blog: "Surprisingly I was tired after 10 pitches. If I were a pitcher, I think I'll be a relief who rests four days after pitching".

Tori hit 3 consecutive homeruns during batting practice. Seems like he is truly this season key-man. The fielders captain Tori usually looks emotionless, but he apparently likes to tease his teammates. He made fun of the team captain Seki who slowly dived to catch a ball, shouting at him: "Hey, slow motion!".

Manager Wada trained himself the catchers Okazaki and Shimizu. He played as the runner and created close-play situations by charging at them in all possible ways.

Go for the top, Tigers!

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