vendredi 23 mars 2012

Open game: Buffaloes 3 - 3 Tigers.

Nohmi's condition wasn't very good today. Well, he's the ace so even when he's not good he still manages to strike out 6 batters. But with that line-up of ours, giving up 3 runs in the first innings can be a serious problem.

4th inning. Tori and Arai were on second and first, but the pitcher struck out Brazell and Johjima.

5th inning. Nohmi hit a fly, and for some unknown reason Fujii, who was on second base, started running even if there was only one out and the ball hadn't been caught... And he couldn't go back to the base on time so he was put out. (Until now, I believed that Arai was the only one capable of doing so).

6th inning. Hirano and Shibata on second and first. The pitcher struck out Tori and Arai. Brazell drove in the first run but then Johjima overlooked the ball again and was put out.

The Tigers managed to tie in the 8th inning, with RBIs of Shibata and Brazell again. 

Enokida took the plate in the 8th inning and easily put out the two first batters. He gave a base on balls, but then he picked the runner off.

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