samedi 30 mars 2013

Just one run behind: Swallows 1 - 0 Tigers

@ Jingu Stadium

HT 000 000 000 0 3 0
YS 100 000 000 1 4 1

Winning Pitcher: Ishikawa (1W - 0L - 0S)
Losing Pitcher: Iwata (0W - 1L - 0S)
Save: Barnette (0W - 0L - 1S)

Homeruns: /

Only 3 hits today... To think that they hit 17 yesterday! (Tateyama must be so annoyed). Even though the Tigers gave Ishikawa a harsh time in the first inning (bases loaded, 1 out), the 5th and 6th batters failed to do their job. Fukudome was struck out and Murton hit fly ball.

The Swallows' offense, on the other hand, was successful. Their leadoff Hiroyasu Tanaka gets an infield hit and then advances on a sacrifice bunt. Our starting pitcher, Minoru Iwata, was not particularly bad: in 7 innings pitched, 5 K, 2BB, 4 hits and one earned run. But, he did a wild pitch. And Tanaka took advantage of  it to advance to the third base. Then Iwata walked the 3rd batter. When the cleanup Hatakeyama hit a grounder, Toritani and Nishioka were ready for a double play. They put out the runner on second base, but Hatakeyama managed to reach the first base and Tanaka was able to score the run.

Nishioka after the failed double play.
Photo © Sanspo

The Tigers had again an interesting chance to score on the 9th inning. Ryota hit a single (at last!) and Araki was sent as pinch runner. Murton was walked and was replaced by Shunsuke. But there were already 2 outs, and then Conrad was struck out.


Top: Let's say Tsuru, since the others did nothing particularly brilliant today. He replaced Iwata on the 8th inning and faced the three first batters of the line-up. No strikeouts, but he defeated his three opponents.

Flop: Fujii. He failed a sacrifice bunt yesterday and today a hit & run. Fujii swung at the ball and missed. Aikawa threw the ball to the second base and Murton was caught stealing. It wouldn't matter so much if Fujii was a really good catcher. But sadly that's not the case.

Flop: Fukudome. For his missed attempt on the 1st inning, and because he didn't hit today. I mean, he's the 5th so...

Announced starting pitchers:

Fujinami for the Tigers and Yagi for the Swallows.

Fujinami is our 19-year old young and talented rookie.
Yagi is 23, but he only started playing in the Swallows first string team by the end of last season. He played 3 games and his ERA was 1.80.

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